About Innominato Strings


We are an enthusiastic group of adults, who are interested in learning a bowed string instrument. We are friendly and welcoming and our purpose is to enjoy playing and performing music together. We started our group with two or three people playing together after we met at The Hawkesbury Fiddle Festival near Sydney in 2005. Over the past ten years our numbers have fluctuated but the average number is around 20 players.

Our aim to provide adult learners of string instruments, the experience of playing in an orchestra for intermediate to advanced players.

Innominato Strings provides a fun, stimulating, supportive environment with performance opportunities for adults either learning a string instrument for the first time or coming back to the instrument they learnt when they were young. As a player progresses in the orchestra, there is also the opportunity for them to perform as a member of a string trio, quartet etc.

Most of the original players of Innominato Strings started as almost complete beginners when the orchestra formed. It is a reflection of the power of learning in an orchestra environment, coupled with the excellent teaching of our current and former conductors, that our playing has advanced as much as it has.

We are currently seeking players of all string instruments but specifically we need violin, and cello players who have had music playing experience to at least grade 3 as well as having some confidence in sight reading sheet music. You don’t have to have played with others but any group playing experience will be helpful to you getting the best out of playing in our orchestra

Although learning a string instrument can be difficult, if you have started learning with other musical instruments, especially orchestra instruments, you may find the transition to a string instrument much easier then you expect.

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