Join Our Orchestra


Our group is open to anyone who wants to observe or join in during our rehearsal session if they have feel they’re confident in sight reading music and can at least play to grade 3 standard.

When you feel ready you can move from observing the informal rehearsal session to joining the other musicians. Some of the players have been playing together in this group for over ten years. From day one the emphasis is on stress free, fun and non-competitive learning. Keep in mind though, the longer you are in the orchestra, the better you will become, and everybody has to start somewhere. There will sometimes be pieces of music that are more difficult than grade 3 standard and that’s how we all move forward.

Our conductor is continually giving us tips about how to cope when the music feels too difficult: “just play the first note in the bar, until you become more familiar with it”; “when you come to a tricky bit – don’t panic, you can stop playing but keep counting for that part”; “it’s fine to make mistakes, unlike most orchestras we encourage them, in fact, the louder the better!”

When you first sit in, bring your string instrument and a music stand and we will supply the free orchestra sheet music.

Remember, for players who would like to join our orchestra, there are no joining fees, forms, auditions or scarey interviews. Contact us to confirm the next rehearsal session date or venue.

Weekly Practice Sessions

We meet each Sunday fortnight for a rehearsal session and we each pay tuition costs of between $12–$15 per session which goes to the tuition we receive from the music director. Sometimes we have sectionals for the different string sections to focus on more difficult parts of the orchestra music. We also often sight read music that orchestra members bring along to the session. The session starts at 10.00am and goes for at least two hours.

We have intensive practice sessions once a week which follow school terms. Fees for these practices are around $150 per term and are payable in cash at the start of each term.

There is no fee for observing the group or joining in for the first test run. We know it has to feel like the right place for you before you commit to coming more regularly.

joining our orchestra